The old bridge across the Ballinderry at Killymoon has carried horse-drawn carriages,tractors,early automobiles and innumerable human feet across the river for over 250 years.
A view over the Ballinderry and its flood plain, as it passes through Killymoon estate.Taken from the disused railway line-a view seen by many travellers (including,at least once, royalty) until the 1950’s .
Dart and Sawel in afternoon winter sunshine.The valley below sustained considerable flood and mud damage from the swollen river in 2017 and severe landslides occurred on the hills immediately behind the photographer.
Sometimes a lens cannot fully capture the scene the eyes take in., but with careful exposure and manipulation , photos can be joined to create  a panorama
A favourite view of ‘The Mournes’-from the slopes of Slieve Croob. Practically all of the major Mourne peaks can be seen from here.