Trees & leaves.

Rhodendron flowers in Drum Manor provide a spectacular carpet when they fall.
Drum Manor.This beautiful avenue of beeches is hard to pass through without taking a photo.
              A 200 year old oak in Killymoon looks every inch               a monarch in February evening sunlight.
The Ballinderry valley, at one time, boasted a great oakwood, now largely gone-the oldest oak in N.Ireland -The Drummond Oak-still hangs unto life on a steep bank along the Ballinderry.
Spring cones on larch trees have beauty of form and beautiful colours.
                                                                                    Late October 2016-the finest autumn for colour, I ever remember.                                                                                    Killymoon Castle - from Cabin Wood,Cookstown.
 Silverweed on a gravel path at Lough Fea shows autumn colours.
Ash branch overhanging the Ballinderry                       in October
Trees in Autumn provide  lots of photographic opportunities, but there is also beauty in individual leaves.As summer turns to autumn chlorophyll is no longer manufactured. Leaves are gradually cut off from minerals and chemicals as transpiration slows. Chemicals in the leaves change in structure, so the colours alter. Almost half a year of struggle against fungi and small insects leaves its marks on every leaf…and the result, beautiful and endless colour combinations.  Sycamore,maple and aspen are amongst the best.