No water-no life. We consist of at least 90% water. All life processes began in an  environment of water and need it to survive. No wonder many photographers have a fascination with water.
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Water and Sky

Reeds, Lough Fea
A little known and hidden waterfall in Carndaisy Glen.
     Calm morning-Lough Fea
       Setting sun-Lough Fea.
Heathers-Altnaheglish Reservoir.
             Killymoon river at Loughry
   Mist on Ballinderry river at Cabin Wood
              Reflections in water-Loughry
           Early autumn-Loughry
Green seaweed-Tyrella
Ballinderry river-near Beetling Mill
Errigal-behind Dunlewy Lough
Glencar and the Swiss Valley-Co.Sligo
‘The Aghla’s’ from Errigal
                   The Lake-Drum Manor
Girl with red boots-Drum Manor
Lough Fea-autumn morning. Sometimes a straightforward picture is all that is needed to convey a mood-for me this one reflects the character of Lough Fea.
                           Autumn-Lough Fea
Partial eclipse (20-03-2015). Just enough cloud cover to allow a picture or two with 400mm lens (hand held). A solar prominence just visible towards top of sun to RHS.
Willows reflected,near St.John’s Point
Swans at Drum gliding through reflections.